Thursday, 19 February 2009

A new dawn rises...

Hello all,

After a somewhat tiring but productive first night in occupation we're now firing on all cylinders! People are out and about on the various campuses spreading the word about the occupation and promoting the meeting and film screening we've got planned for tonight.

It hasn't all been plain sailing though; we've had a couple of run ins with UWE's not so lovely security guards who almost seem intent on shutting this occupation down. Firstly last night we were locked out of lecture theatre 2B25, so we took the decision to occupy the large atrium area outside the room. We were then greeted this morning by security informing us that if we didn't move they'd call the police in to remove us (a somewhat draconian measure I'm sure you'll agree). After a quick meeting to decide the best course of action three of us headed down to security services offices to have a quick chat and we eventually came to an agreement that this is between the university and us (although security still seem unhappy about our presence, maybe if we offered them a cup of tea they might start to like us more?!). Anyhow not much else has happened since but stay tuned for updates.

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